We reimagine thriving organisational cultures.

We do this by holding up a mirror to organisations, so that they can see the ways in which power and privilege play out in their institutional space and disconnects people from the organisational purpose and values. Our approach is rooted in intersectional feminism that balances wellbeing and accountability to create brave spaces to navigate our organisational complexity.

We encourage organisational partners to journey with us and their internal cultures and practices as a leverage to deepen their broader social change impact.

Our work is not focused on a set template in the usual one-size-fits-all manner. Instead, each process is tailor-made to suit each of our partners because each organisation has its own unique thriving eco-system. With each step, we hope to nurture relationships, and sow processes, practices and ways of being that fertilise thriving organisational cultures.

Shamillah and Ella come from a rich experience of activism that seeks to change the world from the inside out forefronting justice, love and kindness.

Shamillah Wilson & Ella Scheepers