Our work focuses on supporting organisations to build cultures of wellbeing and to create what we call thriving organisations. For us, this means a clear articulation of the organisational wellbeing intentions.

In this work, we premise the following feminist principles:

Trust and Accountability – our commitment to addressing inequalities and injustice means we must be willing to interrogate whether our organisational practices, policies and behaviours reflect what we advocate for.

Centering wellbeing and care – we recognize that people in the social justice space are committed to work that is often traumatic, demanding and challenging. Therefore, wellbeing must be treated as fundamental to the strategy of the organisation.

Power and transformative justice – as feminists, we hope to be part of transforming the world, therefore as organisations that undertake this work, we must be willing to surface and address power and privilege in order to transform.


Wellbeing Architects works with organisations across the globe on accompanied learning journeys to build thriving and resilient organisational cultures in intentional ways. They work closely with each partner, focusing on storytelling, relationship-building, and journeying.


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