As journey partners, this is how we work:


We learn with organisations, not just provide support to them. We want to encourage a space of experimentation and inquiry guided by the spirit of co-creation and journeying together.


We acknowledge that power will play out inevitably in our work, often unconsciously. As such, our processes strive to embody inclusivity, bravery, and participation. Our approach to power comes from a place of empathy which involves engaging as whole people, beyond our professional expertise and roles.

3 OPEN-ENDED and emergent

Our processes have no predetermined outcome. Each path is made by walking it with our organisational partner. Throughout the process, we check in with each other periodically to see if the relationship is still relevant and, if so, how we would like to proceed.

4 Co-Learning and reflection

Being in a relationship of mutual learning is the end goal. Because there are no recipes for transforming an organisation. We can only collectively learn our way into the answers.


Wellbeing Architects works with organisations across the globe on accompanied learning journeys to build thriving and resilient organisational cultures in intentional ways. They work closely with each partner, focusing on storytelling, relationship-building, and journeying.


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