The Young Feminist Fund

FRIDA is an organisation that provides funding to young feminist organisers worldwide. They allow a platform and resources for young feminists to push the social justice issues which matter to them. Their goal is to bring recognition to these activists and in so doing, create a world that is free of oppression and injustice.
WELLBEING ARCHITECTS works together with FRIDA to ensure that they are able to achieve their vision whilst upholding everything that they value in their own organisation.

Safe Abortion Action Fund

The SAAF is the only organisation whose sole mission is the right of women to safe and legal abortion. They provide funding to other organisations who are more involved within society with the intention of de-stigmatizing abortion. The funds they provide allow the other local organisations to create abortion-related projects in order to create change.

Rape Crisis

The vision that RAPE CRISIS has is one where every woman in South Africa is and feels safe in their homes and communities. Their fight is to ensure that the justice system supports rape survivors whilst dishing out justice to those who perpetrate the crimes. Rape crisis aims to have safer communities, whilst reducing the trauma of those who have already experienced rape and encouraging that those who have been raped be able to report those crimes.


WITNESS is an organisation dedicated to the use of technology in order to protect and defend human rights. Video cameras are a common tool that we use daily and yet people are often not able to record effectively enough for their footage to be viable as evidence. WITNESS is dedicated to identifying such problems in society and teaching the people affected how to produce videos, how to film safely and ethically, as well as how to advocate for themselves and others.

Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition

The SRJC fights for all people and their right to enjoy their sexuality and to make reproductive decisions in ways that uplift their dignity, body integrity and respect. Their mission is to provide a platform for organisations as well as individuals to work towards holding policy makers and implementers accountable for progress towards having sexual and reproductive justice for all.

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Wellbeing Architects works with organisations across the globe on accompanied learning journeys to build thriving and resilient organisational cultures in intentional ways. They work closely with each partner, focusing on storytelling, relationship-building, and journeying.


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